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Lithium Ion Batteries In Electric Drive Vehicles

RRP $311.99

This research focuses on the technical issues that are critical to the adoption of high-energy-producing lithium Ion batteries. In addition to high energy density / high power density, this publication considers performance requirements that are necessary to assure lithium ion technology as the battery format of choice for electrified vehicles. Presentation of prime topics includes: * Long calendar life (greater than 10 years)* Sufficient cycle life* Reliable operation under hot and cold temperaturesSafe performance under extreme conditions* End-of-life recycling. To achieve aggressive fuel economy standards, carmakers are developing technologies to reduce fuel consumption, including hybridization and electrification. Cost and affordability factors will be determined by these relevant technical issues which will provide for the successful implementation of lithium ion batteries for application in future generations of electrified vehicles.

Hybrid Random Fields

RRP $546.99

This book presents an exciting new synthesis of directed and undirected, discrete and continuous graphical models. Combining elements of Bayesian networks and Markov random fields, the newly introduced hybrid random fields are an interesting approach to get the best of both these worlds, with an added promise of modularity and scalability. The authors have written an enjoyable book---rigorous in the treatment of the mathematical background, but also enlivened by interesting and original historical and philosophical perspectives.
-- Manfred Jaeger, Aalborg Universitet

The book not only marks an effective direction of investigation with significant experimental advances, but it is also---and perhaps primarily---a guide for the reader through an original trip in the space of probabilistic modeling. While digesting the book, one is enriched with a very open view of the field, with full of stimulating connections. [...] Everyone specifically interested in Bayesian networks and Markov random fields should not miss it.
-- Marco Gori, Università degli Studi di Siena

Graphical models are sometimes regarded---incorrectly---as an impractical approach to machine learning, assuming that they only work well for low-dimensional applications and discrete-valued domains. While guiding the reader through the major achievements of this research area in a technically detailed yet accessible way, the book is concerned with the presentation and thorough (mathematical and experimental) investigation of a novel paradigm for probabilistic graphical modeling, the hybrid random field. This model subsumes and extends both Bayesian networks and Markov random fields. Moreover, it comes with well-defined learning algorithms, both for discrete and continuous-valued domains, which fit the needs of real-world applications involving large-scale, high-dimensional data.

Facts About Processes, Pigments And Vehicles

RRP $18.99

Mr. Laurie is entitled to speak with authority on all that pertains to pigments and their preparation, for not only is he well known in purely chemical circles as an able experimenter, but he has had practical experience of colour-making in his capacity of scientific adviser to the firm of Madderton & Co. In this excellent little book the author attempts to give to those who use paints some knowledge of the methods of preparation and the properties of the materials they work with. The experimental method is adopted, and by means of some very simple apparatus the student is taught how to investigate the permanency of a colour, and to perform experiments intended to make clear to him why, of two apparently similar pigments, one may be used in safety, while the other must in many cases be avoided. The chapters on "process" work deserve careful attention from those interested in the reproduction of diagrams, and the book should be in the hands of all artists who are anxious to hand on their creations with undiminished brilliancy for the admiration of future generations.

-The Cambridge Review, Volume 17


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