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If you are in the market for a vehicle and think you can do a little research on the internet and then go and make a great deal you will get ripped off. The reason that the average car buyer will never get a good deal on a vehicle is most vehicle purchases are made using emotional triggers that the auto dealers use to manipulate the unsuspecting public. They include:

Fear Of Loss – once the car dealers have figured out your hot buttons and which model you are interested in they will make you think that there is only a few models left. If you are looking at a used vehicle this is even more evident.

Prestige – auto sales people will make you feel like a million bucks when driving the vehicle. They’ll even ask questions like “Will this fit into your garage?” which assumes mental ownership because now you can picture the vehicle in your garage.

Value – every auto dealer will tell you how great the resale value of their vehicle is. While almost every vehicle loses an average of 25% the first year there is no such thing as a vehicle that has value. While there are a few good auto dealers out there most of them will try and squeeze every penny out of you so they can line their wallets.

Think about this. Do you know a poor car dealer? I sure don’t. There are a few steps that you can take to gain a competitive advantage:

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