Nissan creates electric car sound as sleep assistance for Babies.

Many parents will have asked themselves whether babies sleep just as well in an electric car or a car with a combustion engine?

Nissan LEAF Dream Drive – a lullaby developed by Nissan engineers and sound designer and sleep coach Tom Middleton. It imitates a humming combustion engine’s soothing sound frequencies to lull children to sleep in a tried and tested way – only CO2-neutral.

“Dream Driving” is the term used to describe the rides you take with an infant to get the baby to sleep. For many babies, car rides have such a calming effect that they fall asleep quickly.

Nissan Leaf Dream Driving

However, the so-called “dream driving” could become more difficult in the age of electronics. Electric cars, such as the Nissan LEAF electric car, may not cause local emissions. Still, they also have no internal combustion engine, making the little ones tired with its familiar humming. The Nissan LEAF Dream Drive is a remedy. This “lullaby” was developed by Nissan engineers together with sound designer and sleep coach Tom Middleton. It imitates a humming combustion engine’s soothing sound frequencies to lull children to sleep in a tried and tested way – only CO2 neutral.

Once a week, some parents drive their baby around to help him or her fall asleep.

The background: Lack of sleep is the order of the day for newly-baked parents: Those who have children under two years of age sleep less than five hours per night on average. This resulted in an inquiry on behalf of Nissan among 7,500 consumers in England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands. The result: In Germany, more than half of the fresh parents take up “Dream Driving” at least once a week, just so that their offspring sleep; twelve percent are even on the road every day. Most (70 percent) suspect that the vehicle movements rock the child to sleep, but it is mainly the soothing sound frequencies of the combustion engine that are responsible.

Paul Speed-Andrews (works on noise and vibration development at Nissan) says

“Even though the quiet environment may not be as effective as the soothing hum of a combustion engine, electric cars like the Nissan LEAF are the better choice for dream driving.”

Because who drives around in a conventional combustion engine car for 15 minutes once a week emits 70,000 grams of CO2 per year, with an electric vehicle, these emissions and the harmful environmental balance could be avoided around the Dream Driving, say 70 percent of parents in Europe.

The car manufacturer wants to simulate a ride in the electric car Nissan Leaf.

To make it easy to fall asleep in an electric car, Nissan worked with renowned sound designer Tom Middleton to create the Nissan LEAF Dream Drive. This lullaby creates the perfect snooze atmosphere from five three-minute tracks and the advanced technology onboard the LEAF.

Tom Middleton explains:

“The lullaby incorporates research on early childhood hearing development and is inspired by the Nissan LEAF’s audible and inaudible sounds.

Together with Nissan, we have found innovative, healthy, and safety-conscious ways to bring sound into the electric car. We want to shape a new generation of car design and functionality oriented towards people’s needs. In addition to the combustion engine frequencies that only children can hear, which leads them to sleep, all audible sounds come from an orchestra of sounds and rhythms inside and outside the vehicle”.


For parents too, “Dream Driving” in the LEAF can be more relaxed than in other vehicles: The e-pedal, which allows both acceleration and deceleration, enhances driving comfort, as does the ProPILOT assistance system, which automatically maintains a distance to the vehicle in front and keeps the LEAF in the right lane.

How does the lullaby get into the LEAF? Simply connect your smartphone to LEAF via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and then access it on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Deezer. Alternatively, the lullaby can be downloaded free of charge from the following link: Nissan LEAF Dream Drive – the zero-emission lullaby (continuous mix).mp3

Ford has developed a baby bed with a driving simulation.

Ford has developed a crib with the melodious name “Max Motor Dreams”, which can imitate driving noises – such as the gentle hum of an engine – with the help of a loudspeaker integrated into the crib’s bottom. Besides, typical rocking movements of a moving car and incident street lighting during nighttime driving can be simulated. If required, these functions can be controlled quite merely via a smartphone app.

Alejandro López Bravo (designer at the Spanish Creative Studio Espada y Santa Cruz) says the crib was developed with great attention to detail:

“After intensive discussions with the parents of newborns, we know that they often desperately long for a good night’s sleep. But the mothers and fathers don’t want to get behind the wheel every night just so that the child finally falls asleep calmly. The ‘Max Motor Dreams’ can help children fall asleep and thus relieve many people in their everyday lives.

The Max Motor Dreams bed was originally designed for a Ford Spain advertising campaign that focused on the family-friendliness of Ford’s “MAX” ranges such as the Ford C-MAX and Ford S-MAX. Currently, the Max Motor Dreams crib is still a pilot project. But after receiving numerous requests, Ford is now considering launching this unique crib.

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